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Just one moreee final and I’m done with my 3rd year! Alhumdulillah. So many awesome things to come, iA :) 

  • summer classes
  • research
  • volunteering
  • med school apps
  • concerts
  • family trips
  • road trips w/ buddies
  • Ramadan
  • ISNA
  • weddings
  • brother’s grad & all his buddies
  • teaching ACT
  • getting an exchange student


I needed a poster for my room, this is the first sorta… poster-design I’ve done and I like it.

"Why be depressed when Allah has arranged a specific time, 5 times daily, just for you to stand in front of Him and pour your heart out to the the King of all kings?"

- (via words2heart)


do you ever wonder how many tourist photos you’re in the background of

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me as a lawyer: kk that was rude . 

"You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will."

- Stephen King   (via lonehands)

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